Are you looking for a finance Director in London on a part time basis?   We are working with a partner we can recommend to you.  FD Capital cover London, the South East and also have a presence in the Midlands, so if you need an FD or CFO – I really recommend you reach out to them.

Their website is having a makeover at the moment but you can find them via Google just enter Hire a Part Time FD

Its a group of Finance Directors who work together to support each other, if they don’t have capacity at any time they bring in one of the network.  It means you can always find someone local to you and with the skills and attributes you are looking for.

They have plenty of experience of SME, turnarounds, fund raisings and disposals.  All of which are in demand at the moment with the recent lockdowns.

Are you looking for a London based Part Time FD?

Do you need a part time London FD?  Then give some thought to using the FD Capital network.

There are many benefits to working this way:-

  • Pay a fraction of the cost
  • Get someone with bigger corporate experience who would not ordinarily be available to an SME
  • A big network of skills and contacts to draw upon.
  • A long term member of your team, Part time doesn’t mean temporary.

Give the guys a called on 07528969471 and speak to them today.   The always do great work.