We have been collecting useful information and resources over the last 12 months and this page shares those with you.

Our site features in national as well as local media. Here is a mention in the Mirror no less

Community sites
We post regularly on the UKBusinessforum website – our profile can be found here Its a great site if you are looking for help and advice. We enjoy offering out our advice and sharing with the ideas and concepts of the members there.

Industry Bodies
The Equity Release Council

Company Information
We can recommend the following site if you need a free provider of UK company information, this site collects data from 38 sources including companies house.

Plans going forward

Our plan is to continue to expand and enhance this section to bring your interesting and helpful new resources so you can find easily all useful information relating to Equity Release in London and the Home Counties surrounding areas.

Our Network

We have another site that is really developing well, it is a simple concept a site that shows the Public holidays in different countries around the world.  For example USA Public Holidays or Australian National Holidays the idea is a simple one but often these can be the best!

Social Media

Starting to develop a network of my own social media sites, one I quite like at the moment is called as the name suggests its a list of sites that I like the look of.

Then we are building a presence on other social media places, some not so well known but good places such as

PDF share sites

Nick on

Website that showcase some of our content

Been busy over the last 12 months or so publishing content in a variety of places, it is going well and our content is getting read 100’s or even 1,000 times in some instances.  Here are just a few tasters.

Equity Release vs Home Mortgage an interest short post

Pitfalls to avoid – I like this one

Risk factors – on the ladies on tour website !

University Coverage

Getting noticed on University websites across the world including the University of Southern California website ))

These days it is such a challenge getting your message and product across particular as Google always favours the big advertising spenders but we are getting there and having fun along the way.  It is pleasing to see our rankings steadily rising and our vistor numbers increasing.  Our team is so friendly and helpful they really do enjoy sharing knowledge and helping our clients.

Reddit  is a site I use for social bookmarking.  See our account here


Really pleased with the progress of our video – watch it here.


Video is a really great form of marketing.


Nice to see a new Eco Search engine and our site listed!