Equity Release

London Equity Release provides information on the choices open to qualifying homeowners who are interested in sourcing a cash supply, without having to sell and move out of their greatest asset – the family home. We can also advise on which equity release option best suits your needs and circumstances, and take care of the paperwork once you have made a final decision.

The equity release schemes we deal with are:

Lifetime Mortgages
Unlike a traditional mortgage which ties you to regular repayments for a decade or two, the lifetime mortgage gives homeowners access to an agreed amount of their home’s equity, which is not paid back until the sale of the property following the death of the person (or people) named on the paperwork.

Interest Only Lifetime Mortgages

These are basically identical to regular lifetime mortgages, except regular interest payments are also made. This option is more likely to be chosen by a homeowner who wants to release equity now, and hopefully pay down some of the total owed to provide some sort of an inheritance too.

Home Reversion Plans

Probably the most well known scheme, home reversion plans release equity in the form of a cash sum, with no monthly repayments to worry about. As with a lifetime mortgage, the money paid is recouped after your death, but until that point those named on the legal document have the right to reside in the property.

Drawdown Lifetime Mortgages
Drawdown lifetime mortgages are  very similar to the regular lifetime version, except that rather than receiving a one-time lump sum the client can draw the cash in stages up to the limit agreed of course. This is a good way to provide say smaller amounts of cash injection, or to hold as security in case of an emergency, or a change of   circumstances

Enhanced Lifetime Mortgages

In some cases it is possible to arrange for a higher than average percentage of equity to be released from a home, with nothing to repay during their lifetime. This opportunity depends on factors such as the applicant’s health and age.

Talk to us

For further information, no obligation advice, or to arrange a London Equity Release scheme simply get in touch with our dedicated team who will be happy to help.  Typically once we have had an intial telephone conversation, we will arrange to meet you and discuss all your options face to face.