London Equity Release:

The best choice for anyone interested in releasing equity on their home in London or the surrounding boroughs. If you just need an introduction to this area, then our site is the perfect place to start.

London Equity Release Staff are Specialists
Whether you want to know more about what equity release involves, are interested in learning how you could qualify to get a cash sum without giving up your home, or have already made the decision and want to get the equity release process started, London Equity Release staff are ready to help. All enquiries and communication is confidential and straightforward, and we are committed to offering a consistently honest and trustworthy service.

How Can London Equity Release Schemes Help You?
We work with anyone aged 55 years plus who is looking to release some or all of the equity in their London, (or surrounding boroughs), main residential home.

We don’t impose rules on what clients do with the money they free up – that decision is always yours. Whether you choose to travel, start a business, decorate your home or gift it all to your children is entirely up to you.

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We have dedicated and friendly staff waiting to talk to you about the various home equity release schemes you could choose from, and to assess your circumstances to be sure we can take the application forward if that is what you decide sounds right for you.

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Connect With London Equity Release
Strong professional networks are beneficial for all involved, and we are always happy to talk to people working in the financial and legal field who may have London-based clients interested in releasing equity.